Why should you floss daily?

Here are some very good reasons why regular flossing is not only good for your teeth but for your overall health. He...

Let's stop plastic waste

Over 900 million toothpaste tubes are added to America's landfills every year. That's a lot of waste that will never break down.

Toothpaste Tablet Benefits

Most products for teeth brushing are not recycled, like plastic toothpaste tubes and hard to recycle glass bottles, and end up in landfills that last hundreds of years. Chomp toothpaste tablets are small, easy to use and come in endlessly recyclable aluminum bottles with eco-friendly, fully compostable paper refill bags when you need more.

The benefits of aluminum versus glass.

Aluminum is known for its recyclability compared to glass and even paper with over 35 million cans being recycled each week. Also aluminum packaging has the highest percentage of recycled content with 68% recycled material compared to an average of 20-30% for glass.

Xylitol and dog safety.

With so many products that we use everyday with Xylitol in them, it would be very easy for your dog to accidentally get into them. We know Xylitol can be very harmful to dogs, so we made all our tablets Xylitol free so households with pets would have one less thing to worry about.

What are toothpaste tablets and how do you use them?

You just pop a tablet in your mouth, chew to a fine paste and then brush with a slightly wet brush. You will get the same experience, foam and feel as regular toothpastes.

What is Nano-hydroxyapatite?

Nano-Hydroxyapatite is a great and safe alternative to fluoride. Known to combat tooth decay by remineralizing and repairing teeth.

The benefits of a bamboo toothbrush

Bamboo toothbrushes are a simple and effective eco-swap that is good for you, your smile and mother nature.
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