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Let's stop plastic waste

We don't often think when we are brushing our teeth that we are throwing away more than one or more a month in the trash. And those tubes are usually plastic that never get or are very hard to recycle. An even scarier fact is that over 900 million toothpaste tubes are added to America's landfills every year. That's a lot of waste that will never break down.

Most toothpaste tubes are created from different layers and mixed materials along with plastics that are hard to recycle since they would have to be separated in order to do so. And to make things worse, with those toothpaste tubes come plastic toothbrushes that most people use daily. Over 50 million pounds of plastic waste goes into landfills from the over 900 billion plastic toothbrushes American's use yearly.

How do we make a change, a little at a time. And it starts with making eco-friendly swaps. Such as toothpaste tables that use less water. Refillable and recyclable bottles that you can use over again or recycle. Use natural toothbrushes such as bamboo.

Even if you start a little bit at a time, we don't ask for perfection right away. But can you imagine if everyone had one switch a month, what a difference it would make for the entire planet.

Let's start being a a chance for change instead of adding to the problem. One eco-swap at a time.