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Whitening Toothpaste Tablets

No Cheap Fillers, Harsh Chemicals Or Artificial Flavors.

Ditch the wasteful toothpaste tube and opt for ours instead. Take a look at the back label of your toothpaste tube and then examine ours. Unlike other toothpaste tubes, our product does not require any warning labels. It is filled with natural ingredients that freshen breath and whiten teeth, making it a convenient choice for oral hygiene.

Mother nature approved

At Chomp We Are Serious About Smiles & Mother Nature

We've taken eco-friendliness to a whole new level with our bottle design. Made from unbreakable, lightweight aluminum, these bottles are not only easy to recycle but also kind to the planet. And when you're ready for a refill...our fully compostable kraft paper bags are a sustainable choice.

Super whitening brilliance!

When used consistently, Chomp's highly effective whitening tablets provide a naturally thorough cleaning that combats plaque, resulting in teeth that are visibly whiter, fresher breath, and a smile that exudes luxury.

Chomp super whitening toothpaste tablets