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Why Chomp?


A tablet to feel good about

Chomp is made with no plastic tubes, no artificial ingredients, no cheap fillers or harsh chemicals, and all with the protection of the environment in mind. Our tablets leave cleaner whiter teeth, fresher breath, no filmy or grainy after taste. And since we are big dog lovers, we also made all our tablets Xylitol free. So they are worry-free for households with pets. Chomp tablets are also great for humid climates They do not contain Xylitol, so they hold up to humidity and can be stored eaisly.

Environmentally conscious

We go the extra mile to make sure our impact is minimized. This applies to everything we do. From our water free tablet production to how we source our quality ingredients.


All of our toothpaste products come in endlessly recycable aluminum or fully compostable packaging. We also partner with Terra-Cycle to help recycle our products for our customers.

Quality ingredients

Our toothpaste tablets have no fillers or harsh chemiclas like Fluoride. And they are also 100% vegan and non-GMO.

zero waste toothpaste tablets

Plastic free dental solution

Chomp tablets are bigger, bolder and come in refillable aluminum bottles. And when you need more, get our refill bags that are fully compostable. We chose aluminum over glass because it actually gets recycled. In most communities glass ends up in the landfill.