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Why Chomp?


Our Mission

From the very start, we wanted to create a powerful, trustworthy toothpaste tablet that would make a big impact on bright grins while taking a big bite out of waste. No plastic, no non-recyclable tubes, no yucky waste or taste and in the protection of our environment.

We believe brushing should be something that’s as good for people as it is for the planet we all live on.

All our tablets are American made right here in southern California and never animal tested.

Chomp Sustainability

A Table You'll Love to Brush With

Not satisfied with the options out in the market that tasted salty, chalky, filmy, and didn't leave your mouth clean? You will find our tablets do a fresher clean with no filmy or grainy aftertaste. They just leave you with a healthy mouth, fresher breath, and super white teeth.

No artificial ingredients, just all-natural whitening power tablets in an eco-friendly aluminum bottle that is also refillable.

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No Cheap Fillers, Harsh Chemicals, or Artificial Flavors

Read the back label of your toothpaste tube and then ours. First you will notice ours needs no warning label. Chomp is just full of natural pure breath freshening, teeth whitening fun in one easy-to-use tablet. Just pop a tablet, chomp down, brush with a wet brush, and swish. Voila!

Our ingredients

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