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Finally, an oral care routine to smile about!

Experience brighter teeth and a healthier smile with Chomp toothpaste. Say farewell to traditional plastic tubes packed with unnecessary fillers and toxic fluoride. Embrace a natural and eco-friendly option for your dental hygiene needs.

Keeping the environment in mind.

Explore Chomp's range of eco-friendly wellness products. Our commitment to sustainability means that we use only 100% natural ingredients and avoid any plastic packaging. Join us in protecting the environment!

Earth friendly toothpaste tablets
NHAP toothpaste tablets

The power of Nano-Hydroxyapatite

Discover the Fluoride-free, enamel-restoring solution that promotes better oral health while brushing. Achieve a brighter, healthier smile with this all natural solution to toxic Fluoride.

Safe for households with furry friends!

If you have pets at home, rest assured that our toothpaste tablets are completely free of Xylitol. Xylitol is known to be harmful to pets, so we have made sure to exclude it from our formula.

Xylitol free chomp toothpaste tablets