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Super whitening toothpaste tablets

CHOMP toothpaste tablets are simply teeth-whitening WOW in one earth-friendly zero waste glass bottle. Incredible taste, smooth texture and a burst of flavor with every chomp. And when you need more, just order a refill that comes in a kraft eco-friendly compostable bag.

• SLS, Fluoride, paraben, & Xylitol free

• No artifical flavors, colors or preservatives

• 60 tablets = a months supply

Glass bottles, unlike plastic tubes, don't create toxic waste that never breaks down harming the planet. Zero-waste and plastic free!

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Nano-Hydroxyapatite toothpaste tablets

The all natural, safe, and healthy alternative to fluoride to combat cavities and tooth decay by remineralizing and repairing teeth.

• Whiter teeth, translucent, and glossier

• Reduced tooth sensitivity and pain relief

• Antimicorbial and fights soft tissue infections

• Xylitol free, so great for households with pets

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The brightest way to brush naturally

Ergonomic natural bamboo handle with soft BPA-free bristles that gently floss while you brush.

• Renewable, naturally antibacterial bamboo

• Shorter, softer tapered bristles clean under the gum line

Take another chomp our of your carbon footprint. 


super whitening brilliance!

Chomp toothpaste tablets are an all natural way to fight bacteria, bad breath, and nasty plaque for a healthy smile and gums. Along with our flossing toothbrush, its an eco-friendly dental routine thats great for you and the planet.

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