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An oral care routine to smile about!

Don't settle for the same old plastic toothpaste tubes that your mother brought home from the grocery store full of fillers and toxic fluoride. It's time to make the switch to go natural and plastic-free with Chomp.

Safe for households with pets!

We love our pets like family too. And since Xylitol can be harmful to pets,we made all our toothpaste tablets Xylitol free.If you are in a home with pets, these are the perfect toothpaste tablets for you and your family.

Xylitol free chomp toothpaste tablets
Earth friendly toothpaste tablets

Keeping the environment in mind.

At Chomp we are proud to provide you products for your plastic free wellness routine. All our products are made with no plastic containers or tubes, no artificial ingredients, no cheap fillers or harsh chemicals, 100% natural and all with the protection of our enviornment in mind.