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Earth-Friendly. Smile-Friendly. People-Friendly.

Chomp is made with no plastic tubes, no artificial ingredients, no cheap fillers or harsh chemicals, and all with the protection of our enviornment in mind.

Products, Packaging, and Shipping

Packaging: All of our packaging is plastic-free and we try to limit the amount of packaging materials as much as we can.

Shipping: We only use plastic free shipping boxes and envelopes and limit the amount of shipping materials as much as we can.

Bottles: All of our bottles are made to be refillable from endlessly recyclable aluminum.

Refill bags: Our refill bags are made from kraft paper with a plant based liner. So they are fully compostable.

Benefits Of A Bamboo Toothbrush

Plastic toothbrushes are a leading causes of pollution. Marine life is diappearing in large part from plastic waste. So a bamboo toothbrush is a great solution to cut down on platstic waste.

1. Eco-Friendly - Fast growing and natually biodegradable

2. Antibacterial - Helps in fighting bacteria and in the removal of plaque

Recycling the toothbrush: We work with Terracyle on recycling the bristols for you. All you have to do is save a years worth. Send back to us and we will ship to Terracycle for you.

The perfect earth-friendly dental solution you've been looking for!

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