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Why should you floss daily?

Here are some very good reasons why regular flossing is not only good for your teeth but for your overall health.

Helps control bad breath

Flossing helps get rid of that decaying food between your teeth that causes bad breath. It also reduces the plaque from the decaying food that can lead to bone loss and gum disease.

Helps to prevent gum disease

If you have ever experienced inflamed gums or bleeding while you brush, that is the first signs that you may have Gingivitis. And that can lead to gum disease.

And if its not treated can lead to a more serious issue of periodontitis. So its a very good idea to brush and floss daily.

Reduces buildup

Flossing will hep get rid of the plaque buildup that creates acids breaking down your enamel and with over time can lead to tooth decay. It also helps to control tartar and if that is not under control, can lead to gum disease.

Flossing isn't just got get that annoying food out from between your teeth, but is a very important part of your daily dental routine.

 Helps your overall health

Regular flossing is not only healthy for your teeth, it effects your overall body health. Studies have shown that good oral hygiene is connected to good heart health.

So try the first ever flossing toothbrush from Chomp. The smaller, tapered bristles get below the gum line for a great clean.