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Five reasons you should switch to toothpaste tablets

Why make the switch? Here are five good reasons.

One: They are part of a healthy dental routine and are also environmentally friendly. Chomp toothpaste tablets come in endlessly recyclable aluminum bottles and when you need more just order our kraft refills. Or you can get the refills and fill whatever container you already have. Chomp toothpaste tablets are a great way to cut down on plastic use and they are good for you and the planet.

Two: Just think about all the waste a single one-use plastic tube makes and the impact on the environment. People use around 600 plastic tubes of toothpaste...that adds up to a lot of plastic waste that can't be easily recycled. Aluminum is endlessly recyclable and takes much less energy to recycle than even glass bottles.  

Three: Toothpaste tablets are just less messy, easy to use, and use less water. So you are not only using less plastic but saving water as well. Since you just chew the tablets to a paste and brush with a damp toothbrush, it makes them perfect for travel, TSA friendly, and even to have on the go.

Four: Chomp tablets are made from all-natural ingredients. No fillers, no harsh chemicals, no artificial flavorings or colors. All of Chomp toothpaste tablets are free of toxic fluoride and they are even xylitol free so they are safe in households with pets. Check out our ingredients page on our website. We have nothing to hide and are proud of our all-natural tablets.

Five: Chomp tablets come in a nano-hydroxyapatite formula that not only whitens and cleans your teeth but also rebuilds your enamel while you brush. The perfect alternative to fluoride.

So make the switch today to the plastic-free dental routine that is good for you and the planet we live on.

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