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Why go with natural dental floss?

First, plastic dental floss is bad

Traditional floss often comes in non-recyclable plastic packaging. Sadly, this only contributes to the ever-growing amount of plastic waste in our world.

The floss in the plastic containers is made of non-recyclable Nylon and ends up in a landfill indefinitely!

Furthermore, most conventional floss is coated with PFAS, which is associated with various health problems including altered metabolism, reduced fertility, and compromised immune system function.

Second, go with natural floss and not nylon


Consider using eco-friendly alternatives like silk thread, bamboo thread, corn thread, and biodegradable dental picks. Additionally, opt for natural coatings such as beeswax or candelilla wax.

Third, what to look out for in sustainable floss

The floss should be biodegradable or compostable, and non-toxic. Also look for plastic free packaging that is reusable, recyclable, glass or aluminum.

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