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Guide to brushing your dogs teeth

Proper brushing for your dogs teeth

Brushing is very important for not only your dogs health but also in preventing periodontal disease. Brushing your dogs teeth may be a bit difficult at first since they may not feel comfortable with you in their mouth with a toothbrush. But once you start and make it a routine, they will come around to liking it. First, choose a time when they are calm and relaxed. For example, after a walk or playtime when they are ready for a rest time.

1. If you try for the first time and they seem uncomfortable, stop and try again later. Part of their issue might be how you are positioned. Don't stand over them or hold them down. Get on your knees in front of them so you have easier access to their mouth and it will make your dog more comfortable as well.

2. In order to get your dog at ease, first gently rub along their teeth and gum lines with the toothbrush. And do this for a good start and repeat daily until they are used to having the brush in their mouth.

3. Now try adding toothpaste to the routine. Start with only a very small amount on your finger and let them taste it. Then try adding it to the toothbrush and begin to brush their teeth. If they don't like the toothpaste, try a different kind. Dogs are very sensitive to taste, we may like mint, but your dog might not.

4. Brush once daily with gentle pressure. Talk to your pup while you are brushing to give them encouragement and to make it a fun time for the both of you. And reward them at the end. Positive reinforcement will make the time fun for the both of you, and they will look forward to the next brushing.

Now how do I brush my dogs teeth?

  • Lift up your dog’s upper lip.
  • Gently angle the toothbrush's bristles until they touch the gum line.
  • Lightly brush your dogs teeth in small circles from top to bottom.

Don't force or try to get the entire mouth the first time. Do what you can and what they feel comfortable with. And then do more of your dogs mouth each day until can can do the entire mouth.

Just make it a fun time for both you and your pup.