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What are toothpaste tablets and how do you use them?

Looking for an earth-friendly, zero-waste dental routine that's good for you too? Switching from regular tube toothpaste to toothpaste tablets is your first easy eco-swap for you to make. Chomp tablets come in reusable and refillable glass jars making them much more friendly to mother earth. Did you know that an estimated 400 million toothpaste tubes are thrown into the trash every year in the United States? That is about 1.5 billion globally! So this is switch that we all need to make to do our part in creating less waste for our planet. Also toothpaste tablets have the same benefits as you would expect with regular plastic tube toothpaste without the plastic waste, messy paste, artificial ingredients, and harmful additives. Just look at our ingredient listing to find out more, we have nothing to hide with our tablets.

Wondering how to use them? Toothpaste tablets need to be chewed to make it into a fine paste and get the foam like you normally would expect and feel from regular toothpaste. It's very easy to use and works even for people that might have a dry mouth. You just pop a tablet in your mouth, chew to a fine paste and then brush with a slightly wet brush. You will get the same experience, foam and feel as regular toothpastes.

Other benefits.  Since they are so portable, you can toss them in your bag, purse, gym bag, and even luggage since they are also TSA friendly. And all of our tablets are Xylitol free, so if you are in a home with pets there is no worry since Xylitol can be possibly be harmful to pets. Chomp tablets are available in cinnamon and peppermint flavors that leave you with bright teeth and fresh breath. Also each jar contains 60 tablets for a one month supply, if used twice a day. And once you finish your months supply, you just purchase our refills that come in compostable bags.

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