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Super Whitening NHAP Toothpaste Tablets

Nano-hydroxyapatite strengthens and re-mineralizes tooth enamel naturally. The all natural, safe, and non-toxic alternative to fluoride. 

All of our tablets are American made in southern California.

What's So Great About Nano Hydroxyapitite?

It not only whitens your teeth but also stimulates bone growth, remineralization, and biocompatibility. It also binds to plaque and bacteria while brushing your teeth.

Fluoride is toxic. It remineralizes teeth with a chemical reaction.

Nano-hydroxyapatite remineralizes enamel naturally. NHAP is the natural, non-toxic alternative to fluoride.

Find out more about NHAP here.

Whiter, Brighter, More Luxurious Teeth

The safe, non-toxic alternative to fluoride that strengthens and remineralizes tooth enamel naturally.

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