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Wild Husky Dog Toothpaste

Crystal Clear Canines is made with purely organic ingredients with no harsh chemicals. These ingredients keep your dog's mouth clean while providing lasting fresh breath.

• Available in two flavors, Peppermint or Vanilla

• Organic and handmade

• 2 Ounce glass containers

Dental Hygiene is truly important for your dog's overall health; you can avoid dental disease by including teeth brushing as part of their daily routine.

Ingredients:Organic coconut oil, organic dried basil, Dried thyme, organic baking soda, essential oil, organic peppermint or vanilla

Directional Use: Apply a small amount on a dog toothbrush and brush 3 times a week!

In hotter and humid months, you may experience melting due to the base of the toothpaste being made of Coconut Oil, if your item happens to melt due to hot temperature; just place it in the fridge for 10-15 mins to harden, it should then re-solidify, after that mix well and reuse.

Chomp Copper Tongue Scraper

Made for better oral care

1. Firmer elasticity

2. Thicker and firmer handle

4. Thicker edges to avoid nicks

5. Broader area scraper for strength

6. Wider cleaning edge span for ease of use