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Bamboo Switch Bamboo Dog Toothbrush

Make sure your pet is happy and healthy with the Bamboo Switch Bamboo Dog Toothbrush! Maintaining proper pet hygiene is key to aiding your pup's breath and preventing periodontal disease. With its two-sided design, it can reach even the hardest to get areas. Making both you and your pet delighted!

• Luxuriously-soft bristles ensure your pup is comfortable during brushing, while keeping brushing easy for you.

Why is cleaning your dog teeth important?

It is essential for maintaining your dog's health and preventing periodontal disease. Initially, it may pose some challenges, but once you establish a routine, they will develop a liking towards it. Consider incorporating it after a walk or playtime to associate it with a positive experience.

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Make it fun!

Brush once daily with very gentle pressure. Talk to them while you are brushing to comfort and give them encouragement. And reward them at the end of brushing.

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