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Dog Oral Care

bamboo switch dog toothbrush

For your dogs oral health

Keeping your dog's teeth and gums healthy will help them live longer and free from oral problems. Plaque contains bacteria that can enter your pets bloodstream and spread to the kidneys, heart and even the liver. Keeping a dental routine with your dog is an important part of your pet's care.

Recycle your toothbrush bristles

What to do with your old toothbrush? We can help you recycle it responsibly.
1. The Bamboo handle can be composted and recycled.
2. The bristles can be pulled out with pliers and collected for recycling, and we can help you out.

Here's how it works:
Just collect a year's worth of bristles and send them back to us and we will recycle them through TerraCyclefor you.

recycle toothbrush