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Tongue Scraper

Eliminate foul films and odors! Block plaque buildup and enjoy an effective cleanse with tongue scraping--start your journey to fresher breath and better oral health today!

Eliminate that white film for a breath of fresh air and improved oral hygiene - no more yucky consequences!

Choose between copper or stainless steel - neither of which will ever rust or mold!

Ergonomic design for effortless use. Crafted to be flexible and strongly built for countless uses.

Compact design makes it easy to transport, with included travel bag making journeys effortless.

Chomp Copper Tongue Scraper

Made for better oral care

1. Firmer elasticity

2. Thicker and firmer handle

4. Thicker edges to avoid nicks

5. Broader area scraper for strength

6. Wider cleaning edge span for ease of use