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Single Handed Tongue Scraper

Try our single handed stainless steel tongue scrapper. Narrower anti-gag desigin makes it very easy to use. Eliminate foul films and odors! Block plaque buildup and enjoy an effective cleanse.

Eliminate that white film for a breath of fresh air and improved oral hygiene - no more yucky consequences!

• Sainless steel - won't rust or get mold buildup!

• Single hand design for effortless use.

Compact design makes it travel friendly as well.

Reduce bad breath, now!

Easy to use:

1. Wash off scrapper with warm water.

2. Place the scraper at the back of your tongue.

3. Gently scrape outward from the back of your tongue.

4. Just do 4-6 scrapes for a good cleaning.

5. Rinse off your scraper and mouth.

Yes, its that easy!